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Light of Darkness

Author: Harish Mangalam Language: English Publishing House: Löcker Verlag Date of publishing: 2015 Pages: 160 ISBN: 978-3-85409-740-2 Genre: Stories


In fourteen short stories Harish Mangalam grants the European public insights into the life of Dalits, 'Untouchables', from urban and rural areas of Gujarat in northern India. A family man loses his job at a textile company. After he assumes a fake identity for a position as security guard, he has to live with the fear of being exposed as a Dalit. A Dalit couple urgently needs help around the house due to a complicated pregnancy, but they cannot find anyone willing to work for 'Untouchables'. A village is is plagued by several epidemics and now needs the Dalits' help. A midwife saves the lives of many women and newborn children, but is treated like a leper afterwards. In those and many other distressing, startling and uncanny stories this anthology shows its readers a nearly inconceivable aspect of India's sociocultural reality that usually remains hidden.